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My name is Charles Umerie, and if you are reading this, it means there's a little chance you might be interested in what I have to offer. I've been busy working on a few things; screenplays, novels, articles, and essays. The deluxe edition of my novel, Kingdom Tales, is now available on Amazon Kindle, Okadabooks, and Mixsie Funbooks. Go to the download section and get it! A few other projects are coming soon, and they will be up for sale or for FREE download. Also, I can't wait to hear from you. Contact me and I will reply within a few minutes.


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Kingdom Tales

Kingdom Tales is a dystopian allegory about a group of animal kingdoms fighting for power, love and total control of other kingdoms..

When the eagle king, Hasha, came home from a long battle against the bats, he found out he had missed his family so much. The birth of his new twins made him to give up fighting, and he appointed a new general, Uzza, to help him run the kingdom.

General Uzza had a secret plan of his own. Behind king Hasha’s back, he engineered the execution of king Hasha’s close friend, Kayel, who he thought would be an obstacle to his secret plan.

When General Uzza’s plan was ready, he stormed king Hasha’s palace with the help of rebels terrorizing king Hasha’s kingdom. General Uzza managed to turn the kingdom officials against king Hasha, and they exiled the king to a kingdom they thought he wouldn’t survive living there.

Luckily for Hasha, he survived. He stayed in the kingdom and made new friends. When the time came, he started planning of way to get back his kingdom, even at the expense of working with his old enemies, and giving up secrets no one ever knew about.

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Kingdom Tales is a dystopian allegory about a group of animal kingdoms fighting for power, love and total control of other kingdoms ....Read more



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